Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Message from a Conservative MP

Who obviously must remain anonymous.

I have to say I was skeptical about this blog to begin with, coming as it does at a time when party unity must be paramount in all our minds. This evening, however, I am less certain of this. As you may know, the Cabinet today was forced to vote to prorogue Parliament to avoid an opposition coalition, while the Conservative caucus voted against the prorogation. I cannot help but think that, if Jim had been leader, the Cabinet vote would not have been whipped as it was, and caucus would have been properly consulted. In that light, if things go the way it's looking, I will be supporting Jim as the best man for the leadership job. Keep up the good work.


Fraser Macdonald said...

There is still not one shred of evidence that any of this is made by real people. Liberals trying to make Conservatives look divided have much more to gain from a site like this, and I suspect that's who is really behind it. Jim Prentice is not only the point-man on defending Harper right now, but he - like every other Conservative MP - is 100% behind the Prime Minister, and until you can produce actual names or actual proof, there is no reason to believe anything on this site.

Anonymous said...

Jim Prentice must be pretty famous.