Saturday, December 6, 2008

So what happens now?

So it seems the Coalition has backed down for at least a while, and may eventually give up on its plans, but who knows? The developments of the last couple of days don't really affect the intent of our campaign, and we'll be ready and waiting to see what happens next!

Thanks for your continued support


Not Warren Kinsella said...

Straight from Warren Kinsella's Daisy Group - it's Conservative for Prentice.

While not actually being maintained by Conservatives who are for Prentice, its actually a clever trick to try and make dissent shown and to get media attention.

Good work guys. But you can't kid a kidder.

Anonymous said...

The Libs will use the time to sort out their leadership. We should do likewise.

Anonymous said...

Iggy's in dammit.

Now what do we do?

Anonymous said...

Now what do we do?

We bring in the budget in Jan. delay the vote, run to GG, kissass,
and take another 2 months off. Then we're good till April.

femaleCONvoter said...

Nice try lefties! I guess it's easier to resort to tricks like this than to actually work at rebuilding your party.

Anyone with half a brain can see that Harper is doing a top-notch job as our PM. I'm behind him 100%.

Anonymous said...

Please please work hard to replace Harper! We were recently in Florida on vacation, visiting friends who are good Christian Republicans. CNN covered the story of Harper suspending parliament. It was a very simple story. The gist of it was that the prime minister suspended the government to avoid a vote that would cause him to loose power. Our friends laughed and said, and I quote "do you guys live in a dictatorship?"
We were never so embarrassed by our dear party. We blame the man himself and WANT HIM OUT!!!!!

Please work hard to restore our party Jim. Dump this man who has betrayed our good name and cause.

John and Joan Estero

Anonymous said...

The Liberal-lite budget delivered the other day is reason enough to get rid of Stephen Harper.