Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why Prentice?

Jim Prentice is the M.P. for Calgary Centre--North, and was first elected in 2004. Read Jim's biography here

Jim Prentice is an experienced politician with the integrity and smarts to be Canada's next Prime Minister. Our Party needs two things above all at this time in its history: to present a strong front on the economic crisis and to keep reaching out to the moderate voters that we made some progress with in the 2006 and 2008 elections.

As industry minister in the last government, Mr. Prentice proved that he would be a steady hand in managing our country's economic affairs. In regards to centrist voters, he has a double appeal:

  1. As Indian Affairs Minister, he played a major part in the prime minister's residential schools apology, and made sure that the 2006 Budget had more funding for aboriginal issues than the last four Budgets combined. 
  2. As the current Minister of the Environment, he is well placed to reach out to Canadians who are concerned about the environment and climate change.
All in all, Mr. Prentice has what it takes, and we are proud to support him!


Westerner said...

Will Prentice continue the new party policy of brownnosing for votes in Quebec?

BigPictureGuy said...

Westerner you do realize that Quebcec holds the second highest number of seats right, in order to gain power the party needs to appeal to their voters on some level.

Anonymous said...

Guy's only been around since 04, seems a little early to be talking about him for leadership no?

Besides, don't be so sure the AdScammers/Dippers will get their crack ... word is Harper's talking about proroguing

Dave said...

Yeah, if Harper porogues parliament, that'll be the ticket. Give the Liberals, NDP and Bloc more time to hammer out an agreement. *rollseyes*

Not Jim Prentice said...

Either the Liberals are getting crafty or Prentice is getting a little bit too ambitious.

Anonymous said...

Don't need more than 10 seats in Quebec. Might need even less if we add 20+ seats to ON, BC, and AB.

Look where brownnosing QC got us? One less seat... F 'em

David Higginbottom said...

As Jim Prentice’s riding president and campaign manager in the recent federal election, I feel it necessary to make several points to those who are posting on this blog as well as the architects of this site. First and foremost is the fact that this site is neither endorsed, supported nor in any way encouraged by Mr. Prentice, nor any of the people who work or volunteer for him – in fact quite the opposite is true.

It is unfortunate that at a time when conservatives need to be working together to prevent what is a desperate power play by the opposition to seize control of our democratically elected government, that a site like this would be created. All conservatives and any Canadians who believe in democracy and the importance of stability during this time of economic crisis should follow Mr. Prentice’s unwavering support of and loyalty to our leader and our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

David Higginbottom
President, Calgary Centre North Conservative EDA

Elaine Kennedy said...

Thanks for your disclaimer Mr. Higginbottom. What is wrong with you people here? Are you all attempting to undermine Mr. Prentice? This must be a Liberano batch of people. You are disgusting!

But hey, you could be working for the Blocheads, in that case, shouldn't this site be in French?

Lore_Weaver said...

Can we have someone smarter please?

Anonymous said...

I will be backing Prentice! and we need to support and move quickly with this before theparty looses all credibility. At a loss with the current direction.

hohohoho said...

This website is a hoax, it was created by:

Jeff Monaghan

just some silly sour grapes here

webstir said...

Shame on you all.
When the liberals and ndp are in disarray and you want to start this crap?

I have a funny feeling you people are not conservatives but are of the old progressive conservative socialists.

I suggest you leave the party and go back to the liberals and socialists where you belong.

To reach out to the so called moderates is to become what they are. It is us the real Conservatives
that would have to become like them
thus the old pc's we would have to become.

You DO NOT become more like the socialists in order to win.
The old progressive conservatives did just that and wandered in the wilderness for years.

I as an active Conservative member
will be one that will fight you socialists tooth and nail for our party.

You people are disgusting.

Anonymous said...

If you want Stephen Harper- you need to restart Reform.
We are about to become a majority in opposition because of the arrogant backwards approach of this man. Give us a break. He hasn;'t been able to win and look who he ran against. We need to get rid of him.

Anonymous said...

I will NEVER vote for Jim Prentice. His completely un-democratic handling of the copyright bill C-61, his defiance in the face of facts and reasoned arguments against this bill, reveals monumentally bad judgment, and I think the Conservative party has had enough of that.

I find it ironic that the "why prentice?" post conveniently avoided mentioning his stint as the industry minister.

So here you are: I, a moderate, centrist voter, will never vote for a party led by Jim Prentice.

Anonymous said...

Prentice is an MP and PM candidate that I can get behind. As a former PC and former Green, he's the kind of Tory I'd be willing to support and campaign for... and even buy a Conservative membership.

Anonymous said...

Harper is starting to waffle. It is not doing us any good. He is becoming an embarrassment.
We need to make plans to replace him ASAP.
Regardless of the polls, If he can't win a majority against Dion, he won't win government against Ignatieff. We need to follow their lead and replace a confused and incompetent leader

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...