Monday, December 1, 2008

Open Letter to David Higginbottom

Conservatives for Prentice want to express our sincere apologies for the awkward position that we have placed David Higginbottom in. Many of us have had the pleasure of knowing and working with him for a few years now and we know that he is a man of the utmost decency and loyalty.

As he expressed on this blog, the Conservatives for Prentice campaign has put him and other members of the Calgary Centre--North Conservative EDA in a very difficult position. Even though all of us feel strongly that Mr. Prentice would unequestionably be the perfect choice for the next Conservative Leader, understandably many people are not able to openly express this.

We can not express enough that we do not wish to divide the party, our intentions are simply to prepare for the future in the face of a potential illegitimate NDP-Liberal coalition.

Again, we apologize to Mr. Higginbottom


Conservatives for Prentice


paul kambulow said...

Jim Prentice is just as bad as Stephen Harper and so is Jim Flaherty..

they are all losers..

Hansen said...

Hear Hear! David is a solid guy, and will be a key player in the Prentice government.

Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Prentice at the final PC leadership convention. He would he make a fine Con leader.

But to clear one thing up, anyone with an understanding of Parliamentary law knows there would be nothing "illegitimate" about a coalition government.

Cincinnatus said...

What in the blazes are you doing? Right now we Conservatives need to stick together to present a common front. Stephen Harper made a mistake, but until last Thursday, he ran circles around the opposition. Could Jim Prentice have done any better? We don't know. What we do know, is that the move to ban public funding for political parties is a mistake only in hindsight. If it had worked, it would have been a body blow to the opposition and we would be hailing it as genius.

The only people who could benefit from such a website are Liberals...Oh, yes, of course, this site must have been set up secretly by Liberals to sow disinformation. In that case, my compliments, Stephane. I didn't think you had it in you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave! Warren Kinsella gave you a direct apology! AWESOME! Whoot!

Anonymous said...

I am not a Tory. I'm a Liberal. I disagree with your insistence that a Liberal-NDP coalition would be "illegtimate". It's perfectly permissible under our Constitution.

But the question is whether it would be a good thing, and I am not at all sure that it would be.

Your party won the most seats. It's entitled to try to govern. The problem is that the reckless misjudgments of your current leader have made that very difficult. Like Joe Clark, Harper has forgotten that when you're in a minority, you can't govern as though you have a majority.

So I support your efforts to replace Harper with Prentice -- not because I want to cause trouble for the Tories, but because I think it's a sensible and reasonable way out of the current crisis. Prentice is not nearly as much a polarizing figure as Harper is. Hopefully, his ascension to the Tory leadership would allow the opposition to climb down gracefully. The Tories could then get on with governing, the Liberals could get on with their leadership race, and in a year or two or three, the public could pass judgment.

Anonymous said...

I think we all know that David Higginbottom does not exist.

His surname is a dead giveaway.

Prentice 4 CPC!

Anonymous said...

Great Caesar's Ghost, already??

Unsheathing the knives is what the Liberals, do not us Conservatives.

Harper made a huge error and almost lost the whole shiteroo.

But wait until at least the Conservatives are defeated in an election first.

This ain't the Excited States.

- Coastal Conservative in B.C.